Hurricane Reinforcement

Hurricane Impact Garage Door

Hurricane Garage Door Installation and Repair

To protect your home from hurricane and tornado damage, it is important to reinforce your garage doors. The garage door is potentially the weakest opening to your home. Its large size makes it especially vulnerable to high winds and pressure. Hurricanes and tornadoes can damage garage doors or even blow them in. This can cause dangerous and expensive structural damage to your house.
Hurricane Brace
Reinforcing your garage door protects your garage as well as your house and its contents. We strongly recommend consulting a trained garage door technician to determine whether your garage door should be reinforced. To speak to an experienced technician, contact Paradise Garage Doors today! Call for a FREE estimate.

Garage Door Hardware for Wind Load Garage Doors

Garage Door Hinge
Pictured above are hardware for wind load doors.
Hurricane Garage Door
  1. High wind events can cause un-reinforced garage doors to buckle, forcing the door out of the track and causing catastrophic door failure.
  2. Debris driven by high-velocity hurricane winds become powerful projectiles that can pierce ordinary garage doors breaching their integrity.
  3. With wind speeds exceeding 111mph (Category 3 or greater hurricane), extraordinary pressure inside the home can compromise the structural integrity of walls and roof.
  4. Induced internal air pressure can reach such a magnitude that it can literally blow off the roof and tear apart wall panels.
  5. Window opening as small as 4 square feet can pressurize the home's interior, exerting forces on the structure like a turbine engine.

Hurricane Preparation

  • The garage door is potentially the largest and weakest opening of your home to a hurricane.
  • According to the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes, about 80 percent of residential hurricane wind damage starts with wind entry through garage doors.
  • The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has identified the loss of the garage door as one of four major factors in homes damaged and destroyed in Hurricane Andrew.
  • As the American Red Cross warns, if your garage door fails, the full fury of the hurricane will enter your house and in all probability blow off your roof and destroy your home.

Hurricane Protection Without Replacing Your Existing Door

A vertical brace is pictured on the inside of a typical 70 mph non-wind loaded steel door.
  • Approved by the Florida Building Code approved (FL6420), including for use in the High-Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) of Miami-Dade and Broward Counties.
  • Exceeds ASTM 830 and SBCCI retrofit wind speed standards in laboratory tests with simulated wind speed of 180 mph.
  • Patented with a unique telescoping design that enables the brace to fit almost all garage doors.
  • Brackets attach to hinges to keep the door from blowing in or being sucked out and are adjustable to permit the brace to be installed on doors with horizontal braces.
  • The brace is anchored into the wall above the garage door, into the garage floor, and to each hinge, providing the necessary reinforcement of the garage door tracks.
  • Made of high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum that is lightweight yet incredibly strong; each brace weighs less than 15 pounds.
  • Selected by the University of Florida for their Windstorm Training Center hurricane-resistant model homes.
  • Does not remain permanently attached to the garage door.

All Doors We Sell and Install Meet or Exceed Florida Required Codes for Wind Load Resistance

Florida law requires all garage doors installed to meet or exceed county wind codes and impact requirements. To enforce this policy, it is required to get a permit from the local county building department. This is for the consumer’s protection and ensures the correct wind code is used and that the door is installed by a certified installer.
Call Paradise Garage Doors and let one of our professional, friendly technicians, advise you on how to prepare your home.
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